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Scented candles

Scented Candles eCANDLE Feeling Collection

Set of perfect scents produced on the basis of the best french parfums. Each candle is hand-made from palm wax without paraffin.

Palm wax is an organic wax made from renewable resources making them much more environmentally-friendly than paraffin wax candles. Palm wax is a 100% natural wax that is made from palm berries. Palm wax is a sustainable resource, biodegradable and natural.

There are a number unique characteristics relative to palm wax, these include:
- Palm wax is an incredible hard wax and has a higher melt point than the softer paraffin wax candles; palm wax has a melt point of approximately 140 degrees Farenheit which allow palm wax candles to burn more slowly and more brightly.
- Palm wax, when properly utilized, creates a distinctive crystalline or feathering pattern.
- Palm wax's large crystal molecular structure allows it to absorb a greater level of fragrance and release it smoothly.

Scented candles
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