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Blue Mallee 100% Eucalyptus Oil 100% 5 ml

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Bygum 100% pure Australian Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil provides the strongest, most powerful and versatile options for a chemical-free approach to cleaning, sanitizing and freshening your home.
Suggested uses:

Air freshener: Place a few drops of Bygum Eucalyptus Oil anywhere in your home and the eucalyptus odour will last for ages providing a wonderful fresh eucalyptus scent. Keep out of reach of children. A few drops on your ducted heating or cooling air intake will also freshen your house and help remove stale odours and bacteria from the ducting.

Carpets, clothes and furnishings: Remove oil, grease, stains and other marks using either pure oil or the mixture describe dabovewith methylated spirits. Rub towards the centre of the stain. Try the pure oil first and if this doesn’t work try the mixture. Be sure to patch test first.

Cars, trucks and motorcycles: To remove tar, grease marks or stains, add a little Bygum Eucalyptus Oil to a clean soft cloth and rub gently. Sprinkle a few drops of pure oil onto floor or under the seats to freshen the interior.

Chewing gum: Bygum Eucalyptus Oil is great for removing chewing gum from carpets or clothes, just moisten a soft cloth and rub gently to soften and remove.

Floors: Add 1-2 capfuls to washing water for a brilliant fresh finish.

Floors, tiles, counter tops and other hard surfaces: Clean and sanitize by wiping over with damp cloth moistened with pure eucalyptus oil or mixture

Insects: Deter insects around the home and in wardrobes using either a few drops of Bygum Eucalyptus Oil in corners or spray the mixture mentioned above.

Kitchens: Clean and sanitize bench tops using eucalyptus oil and methylated spirits mixture, spray on and wipe off or wipe over with damp cloth moistened with mixture

Laundry and Washing: Use a few drops of Bygum Eucalyptus Oil in the wash to help clean and freshen heavily soiled clothes. Pure eucalyptus oil or the recommended mixture also makes an excellent prewash stain remover or deodoriser for individual items.

Mould and mildew: Add a few drops of Bygum Eucalyptus Oil to your cleaning solution and then spray area afterwards with the mixture mentioned above.

Bathrooms: Wipe over entire area with eucalyptus oil or mixture.

Paint brushes: Use Bygum Eucalyptus Oil to soften oil based paints and keep brushes in good order.

Penetrating oil: Apply a few drops on rusted bolts and nuts and wait to loosen.

Rangehoods and cooktops: Spray on and wipe off or wipe over with cleaning cloth moistened with mixture to remove grease.

Shoes: Add a few drops of Bygum Eucalyptus Oil or the mixture described above in each shoe. Leave in sun or warm dry place to air if you use the mixture.

Stainless Steel: Wipe over and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove grease grime and fingerprints and avoid streaking. Use either eucalyptus oil or mixture.

Telephones and keypads: Place a small amount of mixture on a soft cloth and wipe gently over telephones and keypads to clean and remove germs.

Toilets: Add a few drops of oil or mixture to toilet bowl during or after cleaning to get rid of germs and remove odors.
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